The perfect team 

Started in 2004, Donum Studio is a husband and wife team of wedding photographers. 

Mirline F. Cadeau, Photographer

    I love quoting my husband. " the emotion of a subject is the soul of a perfect photograph."
    Richard loves to say that, a bride and groom can look aesthetically beautiful in all of their wedding pictures,  but if the photographer does not know how to capture the emotion behind each image, that photographer has only completed half of the job.   A beautiful wedding image that expresses emotion is a memorable masterpiece.
      My husband is a sweet, friendly, caring, loving and honest man. I do not say that because he is my husband, but because it is the reality.
     Instead of writing about himself, he asked me to tell the world who he is. I met Richard in December of 2003. When he said to me that he was a photographer, I asked him if he could teach me.  In less than eight lessons I was able to capture lots of beautiful images using the manual mode of the camera.
     Richard is an excellent photographer and teacher. His technics and methods of teaching are phenomenally easy. When he proposed to me in 2009, I knew that ready or not I should not let a man like him get away from my fingers. We got married in 2010 and welcomed our first child, our lovely daughter in 2012.

Pierre Richard Cadeau, Photographer

     I have no photographer in my family, neither on my mother side nor my father side, but I always love lovely and beautiful picture full of emotion.
    During my second year in college, I decided to take a semester off and used the tuition money to buy a brand new DSLR. Photography was my hobby until I met my wife that made me see the business side of my photographic hobby. And since that day she became the motor of Donum Studio. Although she works full-time as a high school administrator, she manages to keep Donum Studio up an running. In marketing she is present, in post productions she is also there, on set she is the lead photographer. I'm blessed to have her by my side.