Bride, vendor relationship

by Mirline F. Cadeau

The relationship that exists between the bride and the wedding photographer is the longest relationship that the bride will have with any of her vendors, as a result, I always encourage the new wedding photographers to develop a relationship that will last even longer than that. The job of all the vendors ends on the wedding day except for the photographer and videographer.

Keeping a good relation with the bride is the key to success for a wedding photographer. Always treat the client with respect. Do not assume anything make sure you understand what she wants. Do not wait for the wedding day to make her feel comfortable, make her feel at ease from the very first phone conversation.

There is nothing wrong to make her your friend, a relaxed bride poses better, great pose equal better pictures.

The Dress Is Temporary, the Memories Forever

Last Friday morning, on my way to the studio I stumbled upon a very interesting article in the New York Times titled "The Dress Is Temporary, the Memories Forever" by Rebecca R. Ruiz. As a wedding photographer, although I already had an idea what the article was about; I decided to read it in its entirety. The article presents how nowadays the "brides to be" are more leaning toward renting their wedding dress instead of buying it, a decision that helps them save hundreds of dollars and in some cases thousand. According to Ruiz, if this practice is now becoming more and more acceptable for the brides to be, but it has been a common practice for the grooms to be for quite some time. Why paying so much for a dress that you are going to wear only once.


Since the title of the article mention the word memories, I thought that Ruiz was going to share some advice on how important it is for the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to have beautiful memories of the wedding day by hiring professional wedding photographer and videographer. As a result, it would be thoughtful for photography and videography to have the same appreciation as the dress. Unfortunately, sometimes the couple allocate a lot of money on other items of the wedding and neglect the most important thing that will help them remember their wedding day, five, ten, twenty, twenty five years later which are the pictures and videos. To me it does not make any sense to spend $2000, $5000 and sometimes more in a wedding dress, and rely on the help of an amateur or a family member without any experience in photography to photograph your wedding day. If you are getting married, this advice is for you. If you know someone who is getting married please share it with that person. The wedding photography is as important as the wedding dress.

Hackers, Career destroyers, and photo stealing.

By Mirline F. Cadeau

Blogging is one of the tools that professional phoptographers use to market their photography business, as a professional photographer myself I do not like to blog. I have never blogged before; a matter of fact this blog post that you are currently reading is my first.

I have always thought that as a professional potographer [by professional I mean; 1- I know what I'm doing, 2- my clients love my work, 3-I'm not afraid of other photographers' comments or destructive critics, because I do not care and I do not have time to waste] my job is to capture life in pictures and not to seat behind a computer screen writting things about what I do. Yes I love writting, I love writting beautiful short stories, but I also love when with a single picture I can tell a complete story.

Now here is the reason that motivated me to start blogging. Not long ago, a client texted my wife a picture and asked my wife to reproduce the same picture on her wedding day. Since it was not our style of posing, my wife took a very good look at the picture and said to her that she will try, but she does not promise anything; becasue either my wife nor I, have never photographed a bride posing the way that the bride in the picture was posing. It was then the client told us that she took the pictire from our very own website. When we went on the website we saw a very large group of picture with our studio's official logo posted on the website. There nothing to do to correct that, unfortunately we had to shut down to website, and posted on my and my wife social media pages what had happened.

I was scared of people stealling photographs of professional photographers, but I never imagined a senario like that. When someone is trying to frame you as a thief, I call that person a career destroyer, a dream killer. I believe that if another potographer had went to my website and see another photographer's image with my logo on it, that photographer would not believe that I'm the victim.

  • This blog post is to alert every good photographer out there. I want to say to them be careful.