The New Year resolution of a wedding photographer

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

One of my many new year resolutions for 2015 was to start a blog, a wedding photography blog. Since I already had one, I had in mind to relaunch it, and I vowed to post more frequently. Based on the knowledge that I have acquired during my fifteen years of experience in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer, I wanted to write more to advise the brides-to-be and not to my fellow photographers. I wanted to do a blog different from the other wedding photography blogs.

The wedding couples are the motor of the wedding industry. Unfortunately, although the soul of that industry the majority of them are the least informed on how the industryworks.

The reason I decided to direct my blog towards the couples who are about to get married instead of other groups within the wedding industry, is because I believe that the wedding couples are the motor of the industry. However, Unfortunately, although they are the soul of that industry, the majority of them are the least informed on how the industry works.

But, today's blog post is for my fellow wedding bloggers, especially my fellow wedding photographers. Based on an incident that happened between me and one of my brides, I decided to share the experience and share some advice.

A few days ago I posted a blog post to share my opinion on an article that I read in the New York Times a few days earlier titled "The Dress Is Temporary, the Memories Forever" by Rebecca R. Ruiz. In the blog post, I explained to the brides-to-be how they should put the photography of their precious wedding day at the same level of their wedding dress. The error that I made and that would put in trouble with that particular bride, is the fact that I posted the picture of her wedding dress on that blog post, and she got really mad. At first, did not understand why she was upset, but it was only yesterday I came to my senses and started to understand her reaction and what I have done. Since her wedding dress was on blog post I am assuming that probably she believed that I was making reference to her personally. I want my fellow wedding photographers to take a lesson from that experience.