How To Prevent the Wedding Venue from sucking your wedding budget?

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

There is no doubt about that, planning a wedding cost money, a lot of money. The number one money sucker is the venue. These are a few tips on how to protect yourself and stop the wedding venue from sucking all of your wedding budget.

1- Get Married on a weekday.

No law says that it is illegal to get married on a weekday. Get married on a weekday can save you on average more than $3000. According to the New York Times, the cost of an average in the United States is more than $27000. And the cost is even higher in the larger cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami and New York City. If getting married on Saturday or Sunday is not that important to you, then getting married on a Thursday, for example, is an excellent way to save a few hundred or thousand of dollars.

2- Get Married outside the City.

Everything cost more in the city, and the tax rate is higher. I must confess that I intentionally charge more when the clients are getting married in the cities. Follow and subscribe to the blog to learn in detail why the city weddings cost more, in the upcoming posts.

3- Ignore the wedding season.

The wedding season starts between late April and late May. Some in the wedding industry claim that the wedding season officially starts on the weekend prior memorial day. Regardless, if you want to cut cost on your wedding, the best thing that you can do is to have an off-season wedding. From November to March business is very slow at the venues. As a result to attract more clients, they offer huge discount from 20% up to 25% off in some locations. If getting married in the winter does not derange you, I’m advising you not to get married during the wedding season.

4- There is no need to have the ceremony at one place and the reception at another location.

Have the wedding reception and the ceremony at the same location is another opportunity to say money. Some venues offer better deals when you have the reception and the ceremony at their place. Having the ceremony and the reception at the same location surely can help you cut the cost of transportation considerably.

5- Public Park and University campuses are great inexpensive venues.

Last week I photographed a wedding at a public park in Bethlehem, PA. According to the bride, the only thing that she had to do was to get a park permit from the municipality, which she got for less than $100. This option is not applicable everywhere, for instance, I will never advise a New Yorker to get married in a NYC public park. If the park is not possible, maybe you can try a college/university campus. This is a great way to save money because the colleges have very affordable rates for these type of events.

4 things you must know for a perfect wedding day.

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

This is a list of four things that you should be aware of about your wedding day.

1- What kind of ceremony & Venue?
a) Traditional Church Ceremony
b) At the reception Hall
c) Beach Ceremony
d) Outdoor Ceremony
e) Boat Ceremony

2- Your Bridal Party,
a) How big is the bridal party?
b) Who are the bridesmaids?
c) Do you have junior bridesmaids?

3- Your wedding wears,
a) Gown with train or no train?
b) Veil? Long or Short?
c) Headpiece? Big or Small

4- Walking Down the Aisle,
a) Who is walking you doing the aisle?
b) Your Father?
c) Your mother?
d) Both parents?
e) Someone else?
f) Are you going alone?

When To Start Planning Your Wedding Day

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

After he had kneeled down on one knee, and he had shown you the ring, and you’ve said yes, you told your parents and your best friends. You have published the news on Instagram, twitter, facebook and all the other social media platforms; now is the time to come back to earth, get back to reality. Because your wedding day countdown has started. You have that big event of your life to plan.  

Everything starts with a simple single word YES, Congratulation!

Your wedding day is rapidly approaching, and it is a day in your life that you will never forget. If there are two things that you want to be perfect in your life, certainly, the execution of your wedding day is one of them. You and your fiancee will be at the center of that day.

But to put that day together you will have to talk to a lot of professional within the wedding industry, and I can assure that each one of them will try to convince that they are the best in what they do. As a result, you should select them as your vendors. At this point you hold the steering wheel of your wedding day, try your best to know precisely what you want and how you want it. 
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Five Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Getting Married

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

As a wedding photographer, I breathe and live wedding. During my 10 years in the wedding industry, I’ve heard and seen a lot of things. For that reason, I believe that I have enough experience to share some advice to all of my friends who happen to have a friend who is getting married. This is a list of 5 things I believe no one should ever say to a friend that announces that he or she is getting married.

  1. Finally. Never say to a bride-to-be that finally she is getting married. That will make her feel old, and assume that no one thought that one day she would get married.
  2. Can you afford it? Come on, how dare you? Never put your nose in the financial business of someone who is getting married if he or she does not invite you.
  3. I hope he is the right guy for you. I was shocked when I heard a guest said that to a bride on her wedding day as everybody was presenting wishes to the couple. Please do not say that to the bride.
  4. You just met him\her! Are you sure this is what you want? It is not your place to know what he/she wants. According to the US matrimonial laws only adults can get married, if they believe that they are ready, believe them.
  5. I’m not a big fan of weddings but I’m happy for you. If you are not a big fan of wedding how can you be happy for someone who is getting. That statement also means that you do not care. Just because you do not like something does not mean everybody does not like it.

Bride, vendor relationship

by Mirline F. Cadeau

The relationship that exists between the bride and the wedding photographer is the longest relationship that the bride will have with any of her vendors, as a result, I always encourage the new wedding photographers to develop a relationship that will last even longer than that. The job of all the vendors ends on the wedding day except for the photographer and videographer.

Keeping a good relation with the bride is the key to success for a wedding photographer. Always treat the client with respect. Do not assume anything make sure you understand what she wants. Do not wait for the wedding day to make her feel comfortable, make her feel at ease from the very first phone conversation.

There is nothing wrong to make her your friend, a relaxed bride poses better, great pose equal better pictures.