How To Prevent the Wedding Venue from sucking your wedding budget?

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

There is no doubt about that, planning a wedding cost money, a lot of money. The number one money sucker is the venue. These are a few tips on how to protect yourself and stop the wedding venue from sucking all of your wedding budget.

1- Get Married on a weekday.

No law says that it is illegal to get married on a weekday. Get married on a weekday can save you on average more than $3000. According to the New York Times, the cost of an average in the United States is more than $27000. And the cost is even higher in the larger cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami and New York City. If getting married on Saturday or Sunday is not that important to you, then getting married on a Thursday, for example, is an excellent way to save a few hundred or thousand of dollars.

2- Get Married outside the City.

Everything cost more in the city, and the tax rate is higher. I must confess that I intentionally charge more when the clients are getting married in the cities. Follow and subscribe to the blog to learn in detail why the city weddings cost more, in the upcoming posts.

3- Ignore the wedding season.

The wedding season starts between late April and late May. Some in the wedding industry claim that the wedding season officially starts on the weekend prior memorial day. Regardless, if you want to cut cost on your wedding, the best thing that you can do is to have an off-season wedding. From November to March business is very slow at the venues. As a result to attract more clients, they offer huge discount from 20% up to 25% off in some locations. If getting married in the winter does not derange you, I’m advising you not to get married during the wedding season.

4- There is no need to have the ceremony at one place and the reception at another location.

Have the wedding reception and the ceremony at the same location is another opportunity to say money. Some venues offer better deals when you have the reception and the ceremony at their place. Having the ceremony and the reception at the same location surely can help you cut the cost of transportation considerably.

5- Public Park and University campuses are great inexpensive venues.

Last week I photographed a wedding at a public park in Bethlehem, PA. According to the bride, the only thing that she had to do was to get a park permit from the municipality, which she got for less than $100. This option is not applicable everywhere, for instance, I will never advise a New Yorker to get married in a NYC public park. If the park is not possible, maybe you can try a college/university campus. This is a great way to save money because the colleges have very affordable rates for these type of events.