4 things you must know for a perfect wedding day.

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

This is a list of four things that you should be aware of about your wedding day.

1- What kind of ceremony & Venue?
a) Traditional Church Ceremony
b) At the reception Hall
c) Beach Ceremony
d) Outdoor Ceremony
e) Boat Ceremony

2- Your Bridal Party,
a) How big is the bridal party?
b) Who are the bridesmaids?
c) Do you have junior bridesmaids?

3- Your wedding wears,
a) Gown with train or no train?
b) Veil? Long or Short?
c) Headpiece? Big or Small

4- Walking Down the Aisle,
a) Who is walking you doing the aisle?
b) Your Father?
c) Your mother?
d) Both parents?
e) Someone else?
f) Are you going alone?