When To Start Planning Your Wedding Day

by Pierre Richard Cadeau

After he had kneeled down on one knee, and he had shown you the ring, and you’ve said yes, you told your parents and your best friends. You have published the news on Instagram, twitter, facebook and all the other social media platforms; now is the time to come back to earth, get back to reality. Because your wedding day countdown has started. You have that big event of your life to plan.  

Everything starts with a simple single word YES, Congratulation!

Your wedding day is rapidly approaching, and it is a day in your life that you will never forget. If there are two things that you want to be perfect in your life, certainly, the execution of your wedding day is one of them. You and your fiancee will be at the center of that day.

But to put that day together you will have to talk to a lot of professional within the wedding industry, and I can assure that each one of them will try to convince that they are the best in what they do. As a result, you should select them as your vendors. At this point you hold the steering wheel of your wedding day, try your best to know precisely what you want and how you want it. 
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