How To Reduce Stress While Planning Your Wedding Day

by Mirline F. Cadeau

                    I am not a wedding planner but as a wedding photographer a lot of time my clients always turn to me for advice. Last week during a conversation with one of my brides, she asked me “ What can I do to minimize my stress level.... during the wedding planning process?” Without thinking for a second I said to her, be organized. To fully explain to her and make sure that she understood what I was trying to tell her, I drew for her the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner. I am neither a sprinter or a marathoner, but my profession as a wedding photographer helps me to understand the differences between the two.

The task of a sprinter is to prove that he or she is the fastest, on the other hand, the task of the marathon runner is to prove that he or she is the one with the most endurance. I took that example not because she did not know the difference, in contrast, I took that example because she was a marathon runner herself. She knew the difference between speed and endurance.

What can I do to minimize my stress level... during the wedding planning process?
— Jane

Planning a wedding is a mixture of both speed and endurance; it is all about endurance and it is all about speed, you must know when to rely on endurance and when to rely on speed. Trying to speed up the process at 100% will not help it. There are moments to accelerate and moments to take your time. Trying to book everything in one shot is not the right move. Be organized is the solution. You must arrange your calendar in a way that you have time to talk to you vendors. Be organized. Knowing which tasks is complete, and which one is next will help you reduce your stress level tremendously. Keeping track of your tasks will give you peace of mind. Once again be organized.